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MultiSync Keyboard for Mac & iOS

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Hello, I have a I mac , suddenly the keyboard was stop working, and back on again after I re-start works well, then after sleep mode, keyboard is non responsive. I keep traying the method of SMC still not work. Then I found this site put the hub , bingo, problem solved thank you. I have a late iMac with OS X Nothing fixed the issue. How strange is that. Thanks for the advice.

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Thanks for posting your solution. This has been driving me crazy for 2 years, I almost laughed when I read a thread on the Apple support site where a few had posted this worked. I had tried all manner of solutions including hubs and 3rd party keyboards. Adding the white extension cable fixed it. Yep, it worked. Where are you Apple, you owe all on this list a response! This has plagued me for a long time. I finally found the answer: Unplug the keyboard, wait five minutes and plug it back in.

I have had two failures recently and this works. Adding the Apple extension cable probably worked for some people because they left the keyboard unplugged for a few minutes while installing the cable. Worked also for me… as my keyboard stopped working yesterday. The length of the keyboard wire could be in a kind of resonance,absorbing all power in the keyboard wire, and than the power supply stop working.

WHY is the question, maybe apple is reading through it and find out what to do for a next upgrade,until then using an extension cable, even when it is only 20cm long. Illogical but works!! Also can restart computer which wastes time!! Like your solution better. Worked for me but its strangest thing I have seen with computer hardware. I some what agree with hans. Thanks so much! Had been struggling with this for over a year and was convinced that it was a software issue.

Completely counterintuitive solution but works perfectly. Unbelievable, but it works. Had same issue here. Keyboard stopped working after Macbook Pro woke up or was disconnected. Not every time. And usually disconnection and reboot helped. You saved me from my sleepless nights!!!!!! After 2 months now it works like new…thank you sooooooooo much!! Why Apple does not inform their customers about this?

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Charging my cell phone did it for me immediately, no need for USB extension. Keyboard works as before. Just came across this while I searched for an answer. Mouse stopped working too. I tried it on another computer and it worked fine. I tried another keyboard on my computer and that worked fine. I simply plugged in an extension cord or USB hub inbetween the tablet and the macbook, and voila it works. Is there an official recogition from Apple on this or will they sit it out like in most cases?

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For me the fix unfortunatly does not insure a reliable performance. Why the fuck does this work. You saved it. Maybe you could give the fucking dumb ass mother fuckets over at AppleCare a goddamn clue! Have a great day. The real one. Worked for me too!!! I was so frustrated because of the randomness. This is crazy… it works and I am happy.