Sharing internet connection between two computers mac

Click the dropdown to select the incoming connection method. This is the connection that your Mac will convert to your outgoing connection in the next step.

How to share Internet connection on a mac

Select the way you want to share your internet. The most common connection method will certainly be Wi-Fi, found at the bottom. This will pop up a confirmation dialog warning you that this will make the outgoing connection mode unusable for your Mac. In this case, that means our Wi-Fi connection will become unusable by our host Mac.

Sharing Wired Ethernet connection wirelessly (making a hotspot)

It will be busy broadcasting the internet connection from our Ethernet jack. It might seem like an old-fashioned thing, creating an ad-hoc network.

If You Want to Share a Wi-Fi Connection

Devices talk to each other with significantly less effort, and desktops and laptops are increasingly secondary, office-only devices. Skip to content.

How to Connect to a Network on Your MacBook

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Leave a comment. Facebook Tweet. A window will pop up where you can select from the shared folders on the Windows computer. Make your selection using the pulldown menu and click on OK. To find out the short version of a user name on the Mac, open up the System Preferences window from the Apple menu and select Accounts, then make sure the Password tab is selected.

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The short version of the user name will be listed on that tab. To enable Windows sharing, choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, then Sharing and make sure a check mark appears next to Windows Sharing. If Windows Sharing is not already started, click on the Start button to enable it. You will then see the address you need to connect to the Mac from a Windows computer at the bottom of the Sharing window.

How to Share Your Internet Connection on a Mac via Wi-Fi

You will be asked to enter a password for the account you are using to connect to the Mac before you can connect. The home folder for the user name you used will then be displayed in the Explorer window.

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